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Aviation Safety Audits

(Aviation Auditing)

Aviation auditing is one way operators can assure its clients that their systems, procedures and practices meet regulatory and industry standards. Aviation auditing allows for the identification of potential areas of improvement and therefore increase efficiency within an organisation.

Experts in Safety and Quality

Avlaw Aviation Consulting has significant global industry experience in providing comprehensive and objective aviation safety audits across a range of areas within the technical, safety and regulatory disciplines.

Our aviation auditing services are conducted for a diverse range of clientele which include Airlines, regional and general operators, major resources and mining sector companies and government departments.

Our aviation auditing work includes

  • Assessments and reviews of safety and quality management systems

  • Compliance audits

  • Operational reviews (government and resource and mining)

  • Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) reviews

  • Governance and operational reviews of aerodromes

Audits and Safety

Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS)

Avlaw Aviation Consulting is an accredited Audit Company in the global Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Program since 2010, with over 100 audits conducted throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The BAR Standard was developed as a means of establishing a common global aviation safety assessment and audit protocol and is used by organisations within the resource and mining sector, government, insurance and humanitarian aid agencies.

The risk-based standards of the BARS Program have been developed for a number of critical operational areas in aviation including offshore, aerial work geophysical surveys, night vision goggles and external loads.