Protect Construction Sites and Airspace

Aviation is one of the vital roles for many companies, including passenger and charter transport services. If you own an aviation business in Syndey, it is imperative that you get an aviation safety audit periodically to ensure that your practices and procedures are up to date.

These aviation audits are also important to assure clients and operators that you are following all industry and regulatory standards while focusing on improvement and more efficiency where possible.

At AvLaw, we understand how important it is to find the right aviation consulting services. We have some of the best aviation safety consultants on staff who have the extensive industry experience to provide objective and comprehensive audits throughout a variety of aviation settings, including safety, regulations, and technical disciplines.

How It Works

  • With an aviation assessment, you get a full review and evaluation of your quality and safety management systems. You also get compliance audits, helicopter landing site reviews (if applicable), operational reviews (for resources, government, and mining situations), as well as governance reviews of aerodromes.

  • The airspace assessment helps to ensure that the entire airfield and any hangars are safe. It might be necessary to make a few changes for regulatory purposes, but you get ample time to make those changes and get up to par.

  • As a BARS audit company, we focus on the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) audits. It’s a risk-based audit that goes against real threats in various aviation operations to give you a more objective view of your safety systems.

  • Aviation consultancy doesn’t stop there. We understand that there could be times where you require an aviation expert witness. Law firms come to us all the time to prepare legal reports or give expert opinions.

  • We can also help with an aeronautical impact assessment, which ensures that all the salient issues are considered from all points of view, including safety regulators, airport operators, and more.