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Avlaw Aviation Consulting is the Australian representative for Aluminium Offshore, a world leader in the design and production of aluminium alloy structures, including helipads and helidecks.

Aluminium Offshore have been operating since 1987 and have since designed and built over 500 helipads and helidecks globally. As one of the largest, specialist design-and build companies in the world, Aluminium Offshore offer a complete design, supply and assemble package to customers who are looking to upgrade traditional steel and concrete designs to a lighter and corrosion resistant metal.

Considering Installing A Helipad?

Leaders in Helipads and Rotary Operations

Our partnership with Aluminium Offshore is one which leverages off each organisation’s respective areas of expertise and intimate knowledge and understanding of the geographical regions we operate. Combining our comprehensive understanding of helicopter operations with regulatory requirements relevant to private, commercial and emergency service operations allows Avlaw Aviation Consulting to manage the process for the installation of helipads from design through to commissioning.


Advantages of aluminium helipad solutions

Compared with alternatives such as concrete or steel
  • Corrosion resistant

    Alloys used by Aluminium Offshore in the manufacture of their helipads are marine grade and high strength. They are highly resistant to most forms of corrosion, with the metal’s natural coating of aluminium oxide providing a highly effective barrier to environmental factors such as air, temperature, moisture and chemicals, thus making aluminium a useful construction material for outdoor applications. All fasteners used on the helideck are stainless steel 316. Perimeter safety netting is made from marine grade aluminium alloy with no change over required for the lifetime of the asset.

  • Quick to assemble and install

    All fixtures are bolted joints, which eliminates the need for hot work on site

  • Maintenance free

    No painting of the structure is required during its life span.

  • Enhanced Safety (Deck-Integrated Fire Fighting System or DIFFS)

    Aluminium Offshore offer the patented Enhanced Safety aluminium helipad (i.e. DIFFS). This type of helideck incorporates a passive fire suppression system inside the decking which automatically extinguishes a fire without any active intervention necessary from flight crew or other personnel. This type of helipad has been selected on all Australian and New Zealand projects to date. To watch a demonstration of the full-scale DIFFS test that was carried out, visit Aluminium Offshore’s YouTube channel.

  • Simple to repair and replace

    Patented aluminium helipad is designed in modular form, allowing any part that is damaged to be repaired or replaced simply and with minimal disruption to utilization of the asset.

Turning concepts to reality

The helicopter specialists that form part of AvLaw’s team combine skills, qualifications and experience across key disciplines that has been accumulated from decades of fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of senior practitioners across various sectors which utilise and integrate helicopter operations in their day-to-day activities. A summary of the helipad/helicopter-related services we offer our clients is provided below:

  • Helipad Design

  • Flight Path Safeguarding and Development

  • Airspace Assessments

  • Rotor Wash Analysis

  • Helipad Commissioning

  • Operating Procedures Manual development

  • Helipad Inspections