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Aviation Expert Witness

Qualified aviation expert witnesses are in high demand to assist with complex litigation involving the technical, operational, commercial and safety aspects of aviation.

Unlike other modes of transportation, air travel defies geographical boundaries and regulations, making finding the right expert with the required skillset, a crucial task.

The best expert, the desired result

Aviation Expert Witness provides clients with access to a range of highly qualified and experienced aviation industry professionals who are able to provide specialised reports and opinions in court.

We understand the urgent nature of legal cases and the importance of selecting the right professional for the task. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure the most appropriate subject matter expert is assigned to each case.

Aviation Expert Witness

Our experts specialise in

  • Accident and incident investigation

  • Aeronautical engineering, maintenance and airworthiness

  • Air traffic management

  • Aircraft structures

  • Airline operations

  • Airports

  • Aviation regulations

  • RPAS/Drone Standard Operating Procedures

  • Aviation safety and compliance

  • Aviation security

  • RPAS/Drone safety and regulations

  • Flight operations

  • Military aviation

  • Regional and General aviation

  • Rotary and fixed wing aircraft

  • Helipads