Client Testimonials

  • Andy Shone, CEO – Southpac Aerospace

    Southpac are proud to have been associated with Avlaw Aviation Consulting for several years, our partnership has enabled us to deliver outstanding aviation law training. Ron and his team are without peer in the field of aviation law and regulation. The services that the Avlaw Aviation Consulting team provide are invaluable to our dynamic and ever changing industry.

  • Mark Wheatley, Senior Aviation Coordinator – Newcrest Mining Limited

    “I have known and worked closely with Ron Bartsch and the Avlaw Aviation Consulting team now for over four (4) years. I have utilised their advice, support and services for aircraft/operator audits, airport inspections and operational reviews.

    Avlaw Aviation Consulting is a professional and well-managed company that is are very responsive and collaborative. The standard of work produced is high. 

    Short notice tasks and requests for services support are never a problem and are responded to favourably. The array of consultancy support services available is impressive.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Avlaw Aviation Consulting and wish them the very best of continued success for the future.”

  • Iman Rahmanto, Senior Manager Quality Performance and Quality Management – Sriwijaya Air

    “We have enjoyed a very impressive experience working with Avlaw Aviation Consulting. Our management feels that Avlaw Aviation Consulting not fulfilled the role of an audit company for Sriwijaya Air, but also a mentor that guide us through our journey of reaching the highest standard of safety possible. Despite the reputation and extensive experience of the Avlaw Aviation Consulting team, they show a very humble and appreciative approach towards the auditee. They also demonstrate sound knowledge of aviation law and the airline business as a whole, that really helped us understand how to transform and improve the organization, especially in relation with safety and quality standards.

    We highly recommend Avlaw Aviation Consulting to anybody seeking to work with not only a professional organisation, but also a customer oriented audit company.”

  • John Matthews, Solicitor – Everett Evans

    “Within days of my initial contact Avlaw Aviation Consulting had provided profiles of aviation specialists from the Aviation Expert Witness Service database tailored to our specific case requirements. The Aviation Expert Witness Service coordinator arranged the teleconference between Counsel and specialist and appointed a case manager who is an experienced lawyer and air transport pilot – all for no extra charge. I have been most impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of this fantastic service.” 

  • Tom Hu, Development Manager -Anson Group

    “We have developed an enjoyable working relationship with Avlaw Aviation Consulting throughout the course of the  617-621 Pacific Highway development. Amin Hamzavian and the rest of the Avlaw Aviation Consulting team have been very responsive to our requirements and demonstrated a thorough understanding of aviation regulations and the aeronautical impacts of the proposed tower, whilst also carefully considering the associated effects on other milestones in the planning process.” 

  • Daniel Pribadi, Project Manager – Taylor Constructions

    “Avlaw Aviation Consulting have successfully assisting us in obtaining necessary authority approval for crane operations in our 2 separate stages construction. Due to the nature of the height limitation surrounding the airport, Avlaw Aviation Consulting were able to obtain the most effective crane height whilst minimising aeronautical impact. Avlaw Aviation Consulting also demonstrated a strong relationship with the Sydney Airport and Department of Infrastructure. Amin and other Avlaw Aviation Consulting staff showed a very professional attitude and always provide a prompt response.” 

  • 338 Pitt Street, Sydney

    Avlaw Aviation Consulting’s experience, contacts and general knowledge of the aviation restrictions on tall buildings in the Sydney CBD and the approvals process provided us with comfort and encouragement from the outset.

    Their initial investigations and feedback made sure that key stakeholders were consulted and documentation to assist improve the likelihood of a successful outcome were prepared in advance of submission.

    Whilst our approval process was long and complicated, Avlaw Aviation Consulting were in constant contact with the authorities and the client group providing weekly updates. Their patience, availability and effective communication made them a pleasure to work with and valued members of the project team.

    We would not hesitate to work with Avlaw Aviation Consulting again.”

  • Dr Peter Bruce, Aviation Department, Swinburne University of Technology

    We are most fortunate to have enjoyed a long and lasting relationship with Avlaw Aviation Consulting. We have built our Postgraduate Aviation Management courses over more than 20 years, and this growth has been solidly underpinned with key subject material in ‘Aviation Law and Air Transport Issues’ and ‘Environment and Sustainability’, developed with, and facilitated extremely efficiently by, our colleagues at Avlaw Aviation Consulting.”