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Airspace and Construction

Airspace surrounding an airport is protected from obstacles to ensure the safety and regularity of aircraft operations is maintained. Any activity that infringes an airport’s protected airspace, for example a building or crane, is referred to in the relevant regulations as a controlled activity and requires approval before it can be carried out.

Avlaw Aviation Consulting provides detailed assessments of the aeronautical impacts associated with proposed development activities to ensure all salient issues are considered from the perspective of all stakeholders involved, including airport operators, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Airservices Australia and emergency helicopter service operators.

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After each initial development briefing consultation, Avlaw Aviation Consulting develops methodologies specific to the regulatory requirements relevant to each stage of the planning process. This can range from initial feasibility or due diligence all the way through design competitions and ultimately to development applications to Council.

In depth assessment of airspace constraints is the basis upon which Avlaw Aviation Consulting has maintained a 100 per cent success rate on all its past projects, all of which were achieved without amendments being made to desired building and crane heights (and periods of operation) being sought by our clients.

Airspace and Construction

A leading Advisor to the Construction Industry

Avlaw Aviation Consulting’s reputation as a thought leader in the provision of advice relating to the management of airspace and risks associated with obstacles has led to our team conduct peer reviews of assessments prepared by other aviation consultants that did not receive favourable responses from airport authorities, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Airservices and Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. In all such instances, no changes to either the proposed building or crane heights on any of these occasions were ultimately needed after the completion of Avlaw Aviation Consulting’s assessment.

In depth assessment of airspace constraints by our team of specialist aviation consultants has proven to yield positive outcomes for all our clients to date. More recently, we have seen a value in providing preliminary advice for sites earmarked for future development which in turn has played a major role in determining the feasibility of particular sites, even prior to the purchase of sites being considered.