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Avlaw strikes partnership with key air taxi player

Air taxis are becoming the reality of the skies.

McKinsey estimates that, by 2030, these advanced-air-mobility operators could become serious competitors of the world’s largest airlines in flights per day and fleet size.

Research conducted in 2022 estimates that the market will be expected to reach a value of $31 billion by 2031.

Avlaw is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Skyportz, a key player in the air taxi market that’s contributing to the future of aviation.

About Skyportz

While the air taxi industry is growing, there’s a key aspect of it missing – somewhere for these aircraft to take off and land.

We recognise that Skyportz is filling this gap in the market – building a network of vertiports that these operators can call their base.

The industry will begin building these ports at existing helipads and airports, before moving to other areas such as business parks and shopping centres.


Avlaw’s agreement with Skyportz

Skyportz is committed to ensuring the development of vertiports that are compliant with national laws and safety regulations.

Avlaw Managing Director Amin Hamzavian and Skyportz CEO Clem Newton-Brown have been in negotiations over the past few months and have struck a deal that will help Skyportz stay true to that commitment.

Avlaw will deliver Skyportz the following services:

• Heliport and vertiport planning and design

• Heliport and vertiport inspections

• Aeronautical Impact Assessments (looking at the impacts of Skyportz’s proposed structures on airspace use)

• Flight path design

• Aviation standards development

• Safety and compliance reviews and audits of aircraft operators


By providing these key deliverables, Avlaw will ensure that Skyportz’s infrastructure stays safe, operational, compliant and effective – allowing our new partners to take the air taxi industry to new heights.

 Our team is excited to enter into this new chapter of aviation infrastructure. We look forward to working with Skyportz as they shape our industry’s future.

All photos are credited to Skyportz and Contreras Earl Architecture.