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Bulolo Airport PNG audit

An audit was conducted of Bulolo Aerodrome, PNG to determine its suitability for certification. This included a review of the current status of operations of the airport, identifying any safety concerns and determining what further tasks were required to achieve certification of the aerodrome.


Operational Review – Aviation Service Providers

An Operational Review was requested by South32 to focus on examining the five critical aviation controls for field verification purposes i.e. Pilots, Weather, Fuel, Weather and Infrastructure. The Operational Review formed an important component of South32’s ongoing management of risks associated with their contracted aviation services and covered five locations across multiple states.

Oil Search

Research Report – Analysis of Helicopter Operations in Hostile Environments

This research project set out to facilitate an assessment and distinction to be made between the deployment of single or twin engine helicopters in hostile environments (i.e PNG) in regards to risk and safety. The methodology adopted included the collection and analysis of several data sources, some of which were from the rotary wing sector, commercial aviation analysts, aeronautical engineers and operational safety specialists all of which have experience and familiarity with PNG highland operations. The research report provided an overall assessment of the level of risk associated with single engine rotary operations as compared to twin engine rotary operations in the context of Oil Search’s operations.

Talisman Energy

Aviation Operations Specification Development

AvLaw conducted a series of major technical and operational projects for Talisman Energy’s Papua New Guinea operations just prior to their acquisition by Spanish integrated energy company Repsol in 2015. The combined company is now one of the world’s largest privately owned energy groups. The initial assignment required AvLaw to conduct safety reviews of all Talisman’s air services providers – both rotary and fixed-wing – throughout Papua New Guinea. Based on the quality of these reviews and the recommendations for improvements, AvLaw was further retained to develop an entirely new set of Aviation Operations Specifications (AOS) for the company. The AOS developed provided an objective and risk-based set of standards that were relevant to the hostile operational environment of the PNG highlands.

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