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Ronald Bartsch (BA, BSc, LLB, LLM, Dip Ed, ATPL) is considered one of the world leading experts on aviation law and aviation safety. As Founder and Chairman of Avlaw Aviation Consulting he works with almost 100 specialist aviation consultants and lawyers located across the Asia Pacific region. Ron has wide ranging senior management and operational experience in the aviation industry, occupying positions as Head of Safety and Regulatory Compliance at Qantas Airways Limited and Manager of Air Transport Operations with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). As a former Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor Ron has over 7,000 hours flying experience and command aircraft type ratings ranging from Cessna’s though to the Boeing 717-200.

Ron has written many books on aviation law including Aviation Law in Australia (4th Ed.) and International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide and contributing author for Halsbury’s Laws of Australia aviation title. Ron is also one of only two aviation specialist members of the Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

What we do

  • Advisor to the Timor-Leste Government and Director of Civil Aviation Division as an aviation regulations specialist to the Asia Development Bank (ADB) funded Infrastructure Technical Assistance (ITA) Project and assisted preparation for the ICAO USOAP audit in 2010.

  • Member of the Legal and Technical Review team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) funded Pacific Aviation Safety Office (PASO) project across all eight island PASO Treaty member nations including: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu.

  • Specialist aviation advisor to the Board of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of South Africa to develop their two year Corporate Strategic Plan.

  • Developed technical training manuals for the Australian Commonwealth Government funded AusAID program for safety regulators in Flight Operations and Airworthiness technical inspectors with the Pacific Aviation Safety Office in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • Represented the Qantas Airways CEO on the Federal Government’s Aviation Regulation Review Taskforce.

  • Drafted the enabling legislation for the establishment of an Airports Authority for the Kingdom of Tonga as part of the World Bank sponsored Pacific Aviation Investment Program

  • Development of the Aviation White Paper for the Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Flight Plan to Sustainability

  • Provision of ongoing specialist aviation legal and technical expertise as a member of the Federal Government Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

He is also the principal author or co-author on a number of publications relating to this field, specifically:

Aviation Law in Australia (6th edition)

Thompson Reuters

The fourth edition of Aviation Law in Australia covers the subject matter with an international context while explaining the significance and application of these changes for the local aviation sector. Contemporary issues covered include the carbon tax, the Qantas grounding, and the competition between domestic carriers Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar. In addition this edition also has new chapters on military aviation law and space law.

International Aviation Law: A Practical Guide (2nd edition)


This textbook explains the international context and application of the law as it applies to commercial and recreational aviation, and to the broader aviation environment. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of aviation law from criminal law to contract law to the legal duties and responsibility of aviation personnel.

Drones in Society – Exploring the Strange New World of Unmanned Aircraft

Ron Bartsch, James Coyne, Katherine Gray

The integration of drones into society has attracted unprecedented attention throughout the world. The change, for aviation, has been described as being equally as big as the arrival of the jet engine. This book examines the issues that surround this change, for our society and the legal frameworks that preserve our way of life.

Professor Bartsch is also a contributing author to:

Halsbury’s Laws of Australia

A legal encyclopaedia providing a comprehensive overview of Australian law, and a must-have reference tool for legal professionals in private and public sectors, librarians and students. Commonly referred to as the lawyers’ Bible, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to Australian law authored by distinguished legal practitioners, supported by primary authority.

In addition to these publications Professor Bartsch is currently:
  • Senior Lecturer and Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales

  • Advisor to global law firm Clyde & Co assisting the firm’s Global Drones Strategy

  • Group in providing expert policy, standards and regulatory advice as it relates to drones and other autonomous vehicles.

  • Developed technical training manuals for the Australian Commonwealth Government funded AusAID program for safety regulators in Flight Operations and Airworthiness technical inspectors with the Pacific Aviation Safety Office in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

  • Director of Regional Express Airlines, Australia’s largest independent airline, and chair of the airline’s Board Safety and Risk Management Committee

  • Director of Aviation Aerospace Australia

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