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Training and Education

Avlaw Aviation Consulting has a wealth of experience in developing and delivering customised training programs across a wide range of safety and technical disciplines. From safety management, risk assessment and specialist educational assistance, Avlaw Aviation Consulting has provided cost-effective training solutions for Governments, aviation regulatory authorities, airlines, charter operators and airport owners throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

A passion for sharing knowledge

Avlaw Aviation Consulting develop and deliver training packages throughout the world, to regions including the Middle East, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Avlaw Aviation Consulting has worked including the World Bank, Asia Development Bank and the Pacific Aviation Safety Office and has assisted National Aviation Authorities (NAAs) in four continents.

Avlaw Aviation Consulting understands the paramount importance on the legal and regulatory framework in respect to developing training and educational resources for the aviation industry. Moreover, safety outcomes are usually the prime objective of any aviation training program. By combining our in-depth knowledge and understanding of both regulatory and safety issues we draw of our education and training credentials to provided aviation legal and training solutions in Australia and internationally. In Australia, Avlaw Aviation Consulting have developed many major training programs for CASA for both internal staff and industry. Avlaw Aviation Consulting has also developed specialist legal liability training programs at Board level for operators of international airports and operational and safety-related courses for senior management and technical personnel with publicly listed Airline.

Only the best

AvLaw acknowledges the importance of defining key learning outcomes and assigning only the most suitably qualified and experienced practitioner to achieve them. Upon receiving an enquiry, a training specialist will work closely with the client and to professionally manage and coordinate all aspects of any particular training assignment and to be able to provide client-specific outcomes. AvLaw also believes that local and regional aviation consulting experience is essential in delivering training solutions and deliverables on time and on budget.