According to the government-owned Western Sydney Airport (WSA) Corporation, a works contract will be awarded next year for the development of Sydney’s second airport.

This contract will involve a two stage process. First, companies must submit an expression of interest. Second, requests for proposals will follow.

The contract will be for design and construction. It will be a ‘single package for works contract’ that a contractor will receive in 2019. It will play an important role in the airport Development’s early stages. Earthwork, the construction of runways and taxiways, drainage, carparks and much more will be the subject.

This comes as a development after Paul O’Sullivan of Optus was appointed as the chairman of the WSA Corporation. Mr O’Sullivan was appointed because of his “deep experience leading an infrastructure business as it established market share against a long-established incumbent”. This is an interesting reason for appointment. It may lead to speculation that a new WSA will be led by a competitive team to rival the Sydney Airport incumbent at Botany Bay.

Announcements have indicated other members of the WSA Corporation. Fiona Balfour of Airservices, professional services expert Christine Spring (from the board of Auckland Airport) and Tim Eddy (from EY) are new appointees.

The contract bidding process is a competitive one, and whichever firm lands this contract will play an important part in shaping Sydney’s future.