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Avlaw Aviation Consulting Director Speaks on Building Heights at CTBUH Conference 2017

Watch the latest video of our director Amin Hamzavian speaking on aviation and building heights at the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) 2017 Conference.

“Why can’t the plane just fly around the building?”

“If a plane is low enough to hit my building this far away form the airport, how is it going to land safely anyway?”

“What if I install lights on the building and cranes so pilots can see them easily?”

“If my crane actually ends up being higher than I’m allowed. how will anyone actually find out?”

These answers are addressed by Amin Hamzavian, who had the opportunity to deliver his presentation “The Aviation and Property Development Nexus” at the 2017 CTBUH conference.

There are plethora of unknown aviation considerations that builders, architects and developers of structures need to be aware of. They must comply with certain safety and aircraft operational requirements to construct a building lawfully relating to building heights.

In this presentation, Amin discusses the nature of aviation law and regulations with a special focus on prescribed airspace. He discusses all things PANS-OPS, OLS and seeking approval from aviation authorities. He discusses when penetration into prescribed airspace, whether it be by a building or a crane, may be allowed.

The notion of the ‘invisible infrastructure’ is very real. Volumes of airspace are vital to understand for more than just pilots. The onus falls on developers to present to the aviation regulators that their proposal won’t adversely affect safety, so it is important to understand these responsibilities.

Using a case study Avlaw Aviation Consulting was directly involved in, Amin illustrates the effects of an aeronautical impact assessment on businesses.

You can watch the video here.

Amin was also featured in a panel discussion on tall buildings and contextual issues, which you can watch here.