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Sydney’s new metro stations pose risks to aviation

Responses to environmental impact statement relating to the new metro line between Chatswood and Sydenham have raised concerns with regards to the potential impact on safe aircraft operations to and from Sydney Airport.

The advice is outlined in one of dozens of submissions made public in response to the environmental impact statement for the second stage of the new metro line from Chatswood to Sydenham via Sydney’s CBD.

As part of a major urban renewal project, the government is planning for a large number of 20 and 30-storey towers near the new train station at Waterloo to enable the inner-city suburb to cater for 30,000 extra residents over the next 20 years, moves supported by local councils.

Sydney Airport, which last year issued a record number of approvals, said it was of “vital importance” that new developments near the stations, particularly at Waterloo and Sydenham, did not compromise aviation safety.

Avlaw Aviation Consulting specialises in developing risk-based safety cases which identify and address any aeronautical impacts associated with property development.

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