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Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 catches fire


A DRAMATIC engine fire in a Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777 on the runway of Changi Airport comes less than a year after a similar emergency involving a 777 in Las Vegas.

After receiving an engine oil warning more than two hours into the flight to Milan, SQ386 turned back to Singapore for an emergency landing.

Just after touch down at 6.50am, the right engine burst into flames which quickly spread to the wing.

Video shot by a passenger showed the burning wing and thick smoke pouring down the side of the plane obscuring the view.

Remarkably, all 241 people on board disembarked via the stairs and then boarded a bus to the terminal. No-one was injured.

Chairman of Avlaw Aviation Consulting and aviation safety expert Ron Bartsch said the GE90-115B engine was also used in Virgin Australia’s Boeing 777 fleet.

To read more of Ron’s comments or to see footage of the incident, click here.

Photo by Phillip Capper. Used under a Creative Commons licence.