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Drone Safety

Are you thinking of introducing drone flying into your business procedures? Are you familiar with the safety regulations and do you have all the necessary documentation? Even though it may appear like a fun hobby or a piloted transport for particular work-related needs, drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) have a lot of safety regulations and drone pilots need to follow a string of rules and obligations. 

Avlaw Aviation Consulting Sydney can help you get a grasp on all of that and more. We will introduce you to all the obligations you have to meet when it comes to operating drones and present you with locations where you are allowed to fly your drone. 

Drone Flying Rules and Safety Measures

Our Avlaw Aviation Consulting Sydney team will present you the documents that list drone safety rules compiled by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (in further text, CASA), Australian government authority which regulates civil aviation. 

We are highlighting these rules since the disobedience and disregard of these rules brings penalties and in some serious instances, even jail time. It is of great importance for your safety and safety of others to read all regulations and obey them accordingly. We can help you understand the safety measures and apply them to your drone operation.

Some of the rules as follows:

  • You may fly your drone up to a maximum altitude of 120 meters (400 ft);

  • Keep your drone at least 30 meters from other people;

  • You are allowed to fly only one drone at the time;

  • You need to be able to see your drone at all times. This means that you should avoid flying your drone if weather conditions are bad (e.g. during fog, cloudy weather) and avoid flying your drone behind trees and buildings which obstruct your view;

No-Drone Areas

Besides these general rules, we will give you a full scope of certain zones where you are not allowed to fly your drone under any circumstances, such as:

  • You must not fly your drone over people, especially not in public areas or during events, such as concerts;
  • Flying your drone near airports is forbidden;
  • You must not fly your drone on and near emergency sites.
  • There are special restricted areas were drone-flying is not permitted, such as national parks and reserves. 

To check if certain areas around Australia permit drones, download and instal OpenSky app, which was created in collaboration with CASA and Wing Aviation LLC. We recommend using this app so that you can check at any time where you are permitted to fly your drone safely.

Drone Licences

Our Avlaw Aviation Consulting Sydney team can also talk you through drone licences which you can obtain. 

There are two types of licences:

  • Remote pilot licence (RePL) and
  • Remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC).

If you are using a drone for your business, you will need to apply for the ReOC. Meanwhile, you will need to choose your pilot who will then need to apply for a RePL. We can assist you during the application process.

Contact Avlaw Aviation Consulting Sydney

Your drone will soon need to be registered if you are using it commercially or just for fun. The registration is renewed every 12 months. In case your drone is weighing 250g or less and you are only flying it indoors, the registration will not be necessary. You will be able to register your drone through CASA’s website. If you want register your drone you must be over 16 years of age, have proof of identification and apply for your Aviation Reference Number (ARN).

To find out more about drone ownership, regulations and needed documentation for remote pilot licence and/or remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate, contact us today.