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Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) audits

The BARS Standard is centred around a risk-based model against actual threats in everyday aviation operations; aiming to provide an objective overview of an organisation’s safety systems and processes.

There are a large range of participating companies that utilise the information and resources of the BARS Program, from major resource and mining companies to government departments and humanitarian organisations.

Which BARS Audit is best for my organisation?

Experts in Safety and Quality

Avlaw is an accredited BARS Audit Company within the Flight Safety Foundation BARS Program. Our highly qualified BARS auditors are able to conduct your organisation’s BARS audit anywhere in the world.

We are able to provide guidance throughout the BARS registration process and are focused on achieving the most cost effective solutions for conducting your organisation’s audit. Having joined the Program in 2010, our team are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the BAR Standard.

In addition to conducting BARS audits, we are also able to conduct a gap analysis for operators wanting to gauge their level of conformance prior to joining the Program.

BARS Program Stage 2

January 2018 saw a change in the audit structure of the BARS Program, with the introduction of ‘BARS Program Stage 2’. Registration in the BARS Program for an operator is now categorised within two streams – either ‘Comprehensive’ or ‘Core’.

Comprehensive Audit Stream

The Comprehensive Stream Audit is designed as a more rigorous BARS audit, with focus on evaluating the effectiveness of implemented controls.

Core Audit Stream

The Core Stream Audit is a smaller BARS audit, for operators wanting to participate in the Program with reduced commitment.

The following table summarises some of the main differences between the Comprehensive and Core Stream Audits:

Registration Stream Initial Audit required as entry into the BARS Program Registration Colour Designation Available Operational Categories Available Monitoring Audit Required
Green Silver Gold
Comprehensive Stream Audit  ✔  ✔  ✔
Core Stream Audit  ✔  ✖

The Stream which your organisation selects for their BARS audit is dependent upon individual circumstances, organisational goals, or client requirements. Regardless of which Stream is chosen, annual renewal is required to remain in the Program.

Further details on the BARS Program Stage 2 can be found here.

If you have any questions about the BARS audit process, please contact us.