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  • The Use for ‘Useless’ Airports

    News18/10/2017 The British overseas territory of St. Helena made news this week with the opening of its brand new airport, which many have called the "world's most useless airport". The small island of St. Helena only consists of 47 square miles.... Read More
  • One Sydney Harbour Development Approved By Planning Assessment Commission

    News11/10/2017 AvLaw Consulting has successfully advised Lendlease on two Barangaroo towers, which the Planning Assessment Commission have now approved. We are advising on building heights for Lendlease's 'One Sydney Harbour' development that stretches right across Sydney's beautiful Barangaroo. Two of these... Read More
  • Biofuel For Supply At Brisbane Airport With Virgin Air Partnership

    News05/10/2017 Brisbane Airport is becoming a green airport, engaging in an initiative with Virgin Australia to fill planes with environmentally friendly biofuel. Gevo Inc, a renewable fuel producer based in the United States, will provide the airport with 'biojet' fuel. In... Read More
  • Cranes, Planes And Construction In The Sky

    News29/09/2017 Crane presence is a helpful indicator of infrastructure and construction sector health, and is useful in determining activity levels for airport construction. If you count the number of cranes in the sky, you can assess overall activity in the construction... Read More
  • Alternative Airport Transport On The Rise With $8 Million Investment

    News26/09/2017 Alternative airport transport start-up Jayride has received an $8 million capital investment by an international venture capital fund - the company now has the goal to become a market leader in the United States. With traditional airport transport expensive and... Read More
  • Meet Toby The Friendly Tiger Chatbot Of Tigerair Australia

    Media News20/09/2017 Tigerair Australia has announced its charming new social media platform featuring its friendly mascot Toby, who is now a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Those who have a Facebook account now will be pleased. They will be now have the ability to... Read More