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Airspace Assessment Interview with Property Council of Australia

Avlaw Aviation Consulting Managing Director Amin Hamzavian was interviewed by Property Council of Australia on airspace restrictions and how they impact on property development.

In the article, Is the Sky the Limit?, Amin said that airspace constraints can sometimes be the most limiting factor in a project’s viability. A developer may have a great idea for a new building, but there is a slight problem: it extends into prescribed airspace.

The dangers of building in protected airspace do not just happen next to an airport. The Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS), as Amin explains, extends 15 kilometres out from the airport, so developers can sometimes presume that airspace restrictions will not limit the height of their proposed development. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) also says any building 110 metres above ground level needs to be assessed, even if it is not in the prescribed airspace of an airport.

Source: The Telegraph

Get your airspace assessment done early

Amin highlights the importance of obtaining a professional aeronautical impact assessment as early into the project stage as possible and encourages aviation consultants to be briefed and on-boarded from project inception.

Failure to do so has led to issues acquiring regulatory approvals when construction has already commenced on some high-rise developments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. This can be fateful to a project because, as Amin says, in some instances “there is a very strict limit with absolutely no wriggle room”.

You can read the full article here.

At Avlaw Aviation Consulting, we have assisted developers build some of the country’s tallest buildings. We have helped many clients comply with aviation regulations, ensuring their project goes ahead smoothly. Contact us to get started on your airspace assessment.