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Avlaw Aviation Consulting Advises on Helicopter Lifting Services

Avlaw Aviation Consulting have advised Siemens Australia on utilising an aircraft operator to provide helicopter lifting services for the Melbourne Museum.

We recently performed a desktop review for Siemens Australia, a large and well-known technology company. The review was on a project at the Melboune Museum, where Siemens would use helicopters to lift solar panels onto the Museum’s roof.

It’s part of brand new environmentally friendly initiative where the Museum is installing 2,700 new solar panels across all their buildings. The project is expected to save 4,590 tonnes of carbon dioxide. About 35 per cent of the Museum’s electricity is expected to be generated from these solar panels.

Costing $11 million, the project will also install LED lights, chillers and water systems throughout the Museum. This will also be extending to the the Immigration Museum, the Exhibition Building, Scienceworks and storage facilities.

Our role involved reviewing the helicopter operator’s documents to ensure they were appropriate for the nature of the operation against industry standards. We also confirmed that they were in conformance with relevant civil aviation legislation.

We are proud to play a role in climate change action and helping to achieve Victoria’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 through advising on helicopter lifting services.