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COVID-19 and your BARS Audit

If your organisation is approaching a BARS registration renewal audit in the next few months, your BARS audit will be affected by new measures implemented in response to COVID-19.

Given the travel restrictions that have been imposed worldwide due to the spread of the Coronavirus, we anticipate that you would have some questions regarding the conduct of your BARS renewal audit.

We have prepared this post to alleviate any concerns you would have pertaining your registration in the Program.

‘Monitoring COVID-19 (MC19) Remote Monitoring Audit’

In response to the current travel restrictions that are in effect globally and the financial pressures many operators are facing in this challenging operational environment, the BARS Program Office (BPO) has developed the MC 19 Remote Monitoring Audit.

This audit is applicable for:

• All Registration Streams including all renewal audit types (Core, Comprehensive and BARS Aerial Work); and

• Organisations with a Current Registration Expiry Date between 1 April 2020 and 30 September 2020.

Benefits of MC19 Remote Monitoring Audit

Ensuring oversight of critical areas

Reviewing your organisation’s procedures and practices during this uncertain period provides a form of safety assurance that critical areas within your organisation such as Safety Management Systems, Change Management and Quality Assurance are effective.

Staying in the Program

This audit will allow you to retain your registration in the Program (your registration colour designation will remain the same).

Operators that do not conduct a renewal audit will be required to re-enter the Program which incurs additional fees.

Subsidised Audit Fee

This audit is heavily subsidised by the Flight Safety Foundation which will allow your organisation to remain in the Program with reduced financial commitment.

Highlights of MC19 Remote Monitoring Audit

Remote Audit

The audit is conducted through the submission of documentation and records electronically and by video and teleconferencing (eg. Skype, Microsoft Teams).

This eliminates any requirement for your personnel or the auditors to travel.

Smaller Checklist

There is a reduced scope checklist which focuses on:

• Safety Management Systems;

• Quality Assurance functions; and

• Historically repeated findings within the Program.

Flexible audit schedule

The audit may be spread out across five calendar days for operational flexibility and personnel availability.

Role of Avlaw Aviation Consulting

Over the past nine years, Avlaw Aviation Consulting has established a reputation as a leading provider of auditing services under the BARS Program and has to date completed close to 150 audits.

Our BARS Auditors have met the stringent BARS aviation experience specifications including pilot license requirements, flying hours, engineering qualifications and airworthiness experience respective to the flight operations and maintenance disciplines within the Program.

We at Avlaw Aviation Consulting recognise that these are unchartered waters for everyone in the Program and we remain unwavering in our support for operators like yourself.

If we have worked together before, we look forward to working with you again and assisting you in maintaining your BARS registration.

Otherwise, Avlaw welcomes the opportunity to work together with your organisation.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and your BARS audit or are seeking to prepare for a MC19 Remote Monitoring Audit, please contact:

Senior Audit Program Manager
Ms. Fallon D’Souza (

Deputy Audit Program Manager
Ms. Amalina Jumary (

Alternatively, you may call the Avlaw office on +61 (0) 2 9980 7717.