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  • Ron Bartsch speaking to NewsCorp about AirAsia incident

    Ron Bartsch on NewCorp talking about AirAsia Accident

    AvLaw in the News01/01/2015 AirAsia black box to reveal chilling last moments AvLaw International Chairman Ron Bartsch says it's unlikely the aircraft exploded before hitting the sea. READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch

    BBC: Ron Bartsch discussing Malaysia Airlines doubt

    AvLaw in the News25/07/2014 The deadline has passed for Malaysia Airlines' customers to cancel their tickets without penalty and get a full refund if they have decided not to fly. The airline is not saying how many tickets have been cancelled, but it is... READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch on lateline

    Lateline: Ron Bartsch “independent aviation body needed”

    AvLaw in the News24/07/2014 Airlines need independent advice Watch Video Here Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: In the wake of the MH17 disaster the international civil aviation organisation will hold an emergency meeting in Canada overnight to discuss the risks of commercial planes flying over... READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch on Singapore news

    Singapore News: Ron Bartsch discussing Laser Pointers

    AvLaw in the News01/04/2014 Rising number of aircraft hit by laser lights sparks safety concerns   SINGAPORE: There has been an increasing number of incidences of laser lights, such as laser pointers, being shone at aircraft landing and taking off at Changi Airport in... READ MORE
  • MH370 search locations map

    Ron Bartsch on discussing MH370

    AvLaw in the News18/03/2014 Watch video on Australian maritime officials today identified a search area off Western Australia, after the Taliban denied involvement in the plane’s disappearance and Chinese relatives threatened a hunger strike. Australian, US and New Zealand planes started their hunt... READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch on ABC Discusses Qantas Sales

    AvLaw in the News01/06/2012 Ron Bartsch, the managing director at Avlaw, discusses how the Qantas Sales Act would affect a bid for the airline. READ MORE