Safety and Compliance

AvLaw is proud to offer some of the most experienced auditors within the technical, safety and regulatory aviation disciplines, worldwide

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We strive to provide the most accurate, objective and effective audits for our clients to assist with managing continuing risk in an, at times, unpredictable environment. We aim to deliver the highest standard of conduct in assisting operators in implementing and monitoring safety standards and procedures, so as to establish a greater global standard of safety in aviation.

Our auditing work includes:

  • Safety and technical audits of airlines and air operators
  • Safety reviews and audits of operational, engineering and hangar facilities
  • Assessments and reviews of Quality Management and Safety Management Systems
  • Airline risk assessments, technical inspections and flight operations overviews (both fixed wing and rotary)
  • Assessments of aviation and technical training systems and facilities
  • Audit of Operations Specifications for Resource and Mining Sector companies
  • Assessment and advice on specialist flying operations
  • Helicopter Landing site, Helipad and Airfield site reviews
  • Aircraft inspections
  • Accident and incident investigation
  • Customised training and workshops on safety and technical requirements
  • Flight Safety Foundation Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) audits