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  • The market implications of safety perceptions

    Media29/07/2014 The MH17 and MH370 tragedies will have an immediate impact on how people chose their airline and how airlines are marketed according to AvLaw International Chairman Ron Bartsch. “Airlines have been unable to use their safety records as a form... READ MORE
  • Qantas say Iraq flight path safe despite MH17 disaster

    Media Top officials from the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation, as well as groups that represent the world's air carriers, airports and air navigation service providers will attend tomorrow's meeting, which comes in the wake of the downing of Malaysia Airlines... READ MORE
  • Fliers unfazed by horror year in the skies

    Media26/07/2014 Australian travellers have not been spooked by one of the worst weeks in commercial aviation history and there has been no discernable effect on new bookings, travel agents say. The loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, an Air Algerie plane... READ MORE
  • BBC: Ron Bartsch discussing Malaysia Airlines doubt

    AvLaw in the News25/07/2014 The deadline has passed for Malaysia Airlines' customers to cancel their tickets without penalty and get a full refund if they have decided not to fly. The airline is not saying how many tickets have been cancelled, but it is... READ MORE
  • Lateline: Ron Bartsch “independent aviation body needed”

    AvLaw in the News24/07/2014 Airlines need independent advice Watch Video Here Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: In the wake of the MH17 disaster the international civil aviation organisation will hold an emergency meeting in Canada overnight to discuss the risks of commercial planes flying over... READ MORE
  • MH17: Call to overrule countries on ‘hostile’ airspace

    Media22/07/2014 An Australian aviation safety expert has proposed the aviation industry develop a system for categorising airspace similar to that used for cyclones to improve airlines' ability to assess conflict zone risks . Ron Bartsch, the former head of safety for... READ MORE
  • $66 more each was enough to bypass Ukraine

    Media21/07/2014 Flight MH17 'could have avoided Ukrainian airspace for an extra $66 per passenger' Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-220ER aircraft, costs $25,000 an hour to run A 45-minute diversion would have cost Malaysia Airlines up to $18,750 for the full journey... READ MORE
  • Without Decoys, MH17 pilots couldn’t avoid missile

    Media19/07/2014 The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) pilots were unlikely to have been able to dodge an anti-aircraft missile believed to have downed their MH17 jetliner even if they saw it heading towards them, The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported. That is because... READ MORE
  • AvLaw Aviation expert questions MH17 Ukraine route

    Media18/07/2014 The former head of safety at Qantas has questioned whether Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 should have been flying over the eastern Ukraine given the heightened state of the conflict with Russia. Ron Bartsch, who now heads international aviation consultancy AvLaw... READ MORE
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