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  • modernising-airspace

    Submissions close for Modernising Airspace Protection Consultation Paper

    Media News01/03/2017 Submissions from aviation stakeholders and the public yesterday closed for the Department of Infrastructure's Consultation Paper titled Modernising Airspace Protection. The proposed reforms come after an extended period of growth in major property markets that have encroached into airspace otherwise protected... READ MORE
  • Uber logo

    Uber and Airbus join the push for “on-demand aviation”

    News09/02/2017 Uber's rapid emergence and disruptive influence on established industries and processes looks to continue with the launch of Uber Elevate. Not content to remake the taxi business, Uber now wants to take ride-sharing to a whole new level - that... READ MORE
  • 173260-charles-teo

    Dr Charlie Teo announced as ambassador for Angel Drones Trials

    Media18/10/2016 The use of drones by the health care industry in Australia is one step closer to reality with the launch of the Angel Drones Trials by specialist remotely piloted aircraft system consulting company UAS International. Dr Charlie Teo has been... READ MORE
  • Remote drone flying with video camera on board.

    Drones, not human error, to blame for accidents

    Media26/08/2016 Researchers from RMIT in Melbourne have conducted a study into drone accidents, which has revealed interesting trends attributing accidents to the airworthiness of units rather than poor airmanship. The research found technical problems were the cause of 64 per cent... READ MORE
  • lithium battery

    Lithium battery concerns re-emerge

    Media19/08/2016 An incident at Sydney Airport has again shone the light on the topic of lithium batteries and the safety concerns related to their carriage on aircraft. The incident occurred on board the aircraft while still on the ground, and saw... READ MORE
  • Emirates Airlines Plane Boeing 777 Crash landing Fire Dubai Airport Caught on CCTV

    Are we going-around (in circles) again?

    Media11/08/2016 The aftermath from the Emirates B777 accident last week in Dubai raises questions that have been asked before, yet remain unanswered. Flight 521 was a scheduled international passenger flight operating on 3 August 2016 from Thiruvananthapuram, India, to Dubai, United... READ MORE
  • Sydney skyline

    How aviation authorities impact on building heights

    Media01/08/2016 AvLaw's Group General Manager, Amin Hamzavian, has written a feature article in the recent Urban Ideas July 2016 issue about the impact of aviation authorities on building heights. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) are... READ MORE
  • An artist's impression of high-rise towers near the new metro train station at Waterloo

    Sydney’s new metro stations pose risks to aviation

    Media07/07/2016 Responses to environmental impact statement relating to the new metro line between Chatswood and Sydenham have raised concerns with regards to the potential impact on safe aircraft operations to and from Sydney Airport. The advice is outlined in one of dozens of submissions made... READ MORE
  • Barangaroo

    Crown receives green light for Sydney’s second casino

    Media30/06/2016 The NSW Planning Assessment Commission has issued its final approval for the construction of James Packer's Crown Resorts Casino at Barangaroo. It brings to an end an extended period of negotiations, the results of which have included a number of... READ MORE
  • A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

    Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 catches fire

    Media29/06/2016 Transcript A DRAMATIC engine fire in a Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777 on the runway of Changi Airport comes less than a year after a similar emergency involving a 777 in Las Vegas. After receiving an engine oil warning more than... READ MORE
  • service-commitment

    Airlines need independent advice

    Media20/06/2016 Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: In the wake of the MH17 disaster the international civil aviation organisation will hold an emergency meeting in Canada overnight to discuss the risks of commercial planes flying over war zones. It's been reported that airlines... READ MORE
  • image

    Wreckage found in Mozambique may help solve mystery of missing flight MH370

    Media03/03/2016 A piece of suspected aircraft wreckage found off the east African coast will be sent to Australia, where experts will examine whether it is a new piece in the puzzle of missing flight MH370. The fragment was reportedly found near... READ MORE
  • Newscorp-airasia

    Ron Bartsch on NewCorp talking about AirAsia Accident

    AvLaw in the News01/01/2015 AirAsia black box to reveal chilling last moments AvLaw International Chairman Ron Bartsch says it's unlikely the aircraft exploded before hitting the sea. READ MORE
  • crash scene_7EC8FCC0-1857-11E4-A87C02B04DA14726

    The market implications of safety perceptions

    Media29/07/2014 The MH17 and MH370 tragedies will have an immediate impact on how people chose their airline and how airlines are marketed according to AvLaw International Chairman Ron Bartsch. “Airlines have been unable to use their safety records as a form... READ MORE
  • graphic-showing-range-of-buk-missiles-and-altitude-of-mh17-data

    Qantas says Iraq flight path still safe as aviation officials consider risks of flying over war zones

    Media Top officials from the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation, as well as groups that represent the world's air carriers, airports and air navigation service providers will attend tomorrow's meeting, which comes in the wake of the downing of Malaysia Airlines... READ MORE
  • other-services

    Fliers unfazed by horror year in the skies

    Media26/07/2014 Australian travellers have not been spooked by one of the worst weeks in commercial aviation history and there has been no discernable effect on new bookings, travel agents say. The loss of Malaysia Airlines flight 17, an Air Algerie plane... READ MORE
  • bbc-malaysia

    Ron Bartsch on BBC discussing the uncertain outlook for Malaysia Airlines

    AvLaw in the News25/07/2014 The deadline has passed for Malaysia Airlines' customers to cancel their tickets without penalty and get a full refund if they have decided not to fly. The airline is not saying how many tickets have been cancelled, but it is... READ MORE
  • lateline

    Ron Bartsch featured on Lateline

    AvLaw in the News24/07/2014 Airlines need independent advice Watch Video Here Transcript EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: In the wake of the MH17 disaster the international civil aviation organisation will hold an emergency meeting in Canada overnight to discuss the risks of commercial planes flying over... READ MORE
  • 1406012268003

    Malyasia Airlines MH17: Call to overrule countries on ‘hostile’ airspace

    Media22/07/2014 An Australian aviation safety expert has proposed the aviation industry develop a system for categorising airspace similar to that used for cyclones to improve airlines' ability to assess conflict zone risks . Ron Bartsch, the former head of safety for... READ MORE
  • ukraine

    $66 more each was enough to bypass Ukraine

    Media21/07/2014 Flight MH17 'could have avoided Ukrainian airspace for an extra $66 per passenger' Flight MH17, a Boeing 777-220ER aircraft, costs $25,000 an hour to run A 45-minute diversion would have cost Malaysia Airlines up to $18,750 for the full journey... READ MORE
  • malay

    Without decoys, MH17 pilots couldn’t have escaped missile

    Media19/07/2014 The Malaysia Airlines (MAS) pilots were unlikely to have been able to dodge an anti-aircraft missile believed to have downed their MH17 jetliner even if they saw it heading towards them, The Australian Financial Review (AFR) reported. That is because... READ MORE
  • 1405667741414

    Malaysia Airlines MH17: Australian expert questions flight’s Ukraine route

    Media18/07/2014 The former head of safety at Qantas has questioned whether Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 should have been flying over the eastern Ukraine given the heightened state of the conflict with Russia. Ron Bartsch, who now heads international aviation consultancy AvLaw... READ MORE
  • singapore-news

    Ron Bartsch on Singapore News discussing Laser Pointers

    AvLaw in the News01/04/2014 Rising number of aircraft hit by laser lights sparks safety concerns   SINGAPORE: There has been an increasing number of incidences of laser lights, such as laser pointers, being shone at aircraft landing and taking off at Changi Airport in... READ MORE
  • origin-fatwire (1)

    Ron Bartsch on discussing MH370

    AvLaw in the News18/03/2014 Watch video on Australian maritime officials today identified a search area off Western Australia, after the Taliban denied involvement in the plane’s disappearance and Chinese relatives threatened a hunger strike. Australian, US and New Zealand planes started their hunt... READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch ALI launch_17E39870-4734-11E3-B0BE005056A302E6

    Ron Bartsch in new Asia Pacific venture

    Media07/11/2013 Australian aviation industry luminary Ron Bartsch has launched an international specialist consultancy venture. ALI is a network of aviation consultancy organizations and law firms with aviation expertise which was launched in Singapore in October and is focused on the Asia... READ MORE
  • Ron Bartsch on ABC Discusses possibility of Qantas Sales

    AvLaw in the News01/06/2012 Ron Bartsch, the managing director at Avlaw, discusses how the Qantas Sales Act would affect a bid for the airline.   READ MORE
  • 516837-qantas

    Unions call experts to check Qantas books

    Media20/03/2012 QANTAS is facing forensic examination of its restructuring strategy from experts called in by the airline's workers. Unions have engaged specialist aviation consultants in a bid to make the airline publicly accountable for its plans to close maintenance bases, which... READ MORE
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