New App Shows Where You Can Fly Your Drone

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New App Shows Where You Can Fly Your Drone

CASA has released a nifty new app that broadcasts a map showing where you can and cannot fly your drone.

Entitled “Can I Fly There?”, the app, developed by CASA and its partner, Drone Compiler, aims to answer the exact question it poses. And it does it pretty well. The app pinpoints where you are on a map and highlights in different colours the different places you can enjoy your RPA. Red indicates the no-fly zones, typically located near airports and helipads. Take a look at CASA’s hip new video promoting the app.

The lighter the colours go, the more liberal the restrictions. Dark orange indicates strict flight restrictions. Here, you must fly below 45 metres (150 ft) because of a nearby airport or helipad. Lighter shades of orange indicate proximity to an airport’s extended approach zone, and you must fly below 90 metres (300 ft). Even lighter orange will typically indicate controlled airspace, and you must keep it below 120 metres (400 ft).

The no-fly zone around Sydney Airport is vast. It expands as far as Coogee Beach, Haymarket and Canterbury. It is just as vast for Melbourne’s Tullamarine, where you cannot fly within 5.5 kilometres of the airport.

Hobbyists may be pleased to know that they are allowed to fly above highly photogenic places. Uluru and the Twelve Apostles are good to go, provided drones do not exceed 120 metres above ground level.

Where there is no colour, you can fly freely. You are still required to keep your drone below 120 metres and at least 30 metres away from others.

There are different sections of the app too. One standard “Rules” section explains the relevant rules regarding the use of RPA. There is a section informing you of the week’s weather forecast. The app also provides links to various pages on CASA’s website.

The new app is accessible on iOS, Android and computers. There will probably be little excuse now if you break the rules.

Download the app for iOS here, for Android here and for your computer here.

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